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Over Night Boarding
Image by Lesly Juarez

Overnight Boarding

Waggingtons provide a unique home-away-from-home experience, offering a safe and comfortable space for your pooch to stay over. 

We encourage a cage-free environment, unless a puppy requires crating, which we can certainly accommodate. With an abundance of cosy sofas and dog beds, your dog can choose their place to snuggle up, after a day a day filled with play, exercise, and pure fun.

As this is our home, we are always on-hand to provide night-time care and attention. To ensure that your pooch gets the personalised care they deserve, we have a limited number of licensed spots available.

For new clients, we require a full integration process. Please read our
"Prior to Boarding" information to make sure everything goes smoothly and to prevent any disappointment.

We give priority to regular daycare users of our 
services especially during high holidays.  

Weekdays are from 8am – midday on the following day.

Weekends from 8.30 am 


£65 per night
(including x3 hour-long walks) covers a 28 hour period
(£2.32 per hour)

+£5 for non-neutered/spayed dogs under 1 yr old.


There will be a +£8 surcharge for all dogs coming in on holidays including: 
New Year’s Day, 
Easter, Both May Bank Holidays

August Bank Holiday, Dec 24-26 and Dec 31


Dogs may be dropped and collected at any prearranged time

For dogs boarding overnight, if they are collected by midday there is no charge for that day. After that, a daily charge will be applied

We Accept Bank Transfer or Cash

Bank details for pack walks, boarding, consultations: 
Account Name: Waggingtons consultations Ltd 
Sort code: 08-71-99
Account number: 10455556

Ref: Your dog’s name


See full T&Cs

Over Night Boarding

Prior To Boarding

Before booking your dog's stay with us, we have an essential integration process for new clients. This process ensures a smooth and enjoyable experience for both your pup and our team.

The integration process consists of several steps:

  1. Complimentary Meet and Greet: We start with the initial visit, giving you and your dog a chance to get acquainted with our facility and staff. This helps us understand your dog's personality and needs.

  2. Socialisation Sessions: Following the meet and greet, we have socialisation sessions that last for 3 hours. This step helps your dog become comfortable with our environment and interact with other dogs under our supervision.

  3. Half Day Outing: The next stage involves a half day outing that includes one of our off-premises walks. This allows your dog to experience a change of scenery and enjoy some outdoor time.

  4. Full Day Adventure: Once your dog is feeling more at home, we offer a full day of fun, which includes two walks and plenty of activities.

  5. Overnight Trial: To ensure your dog is fully adjusted to our daycare environment, we require an overnight trial stay. This gives us an opportunity to assess how your dog copes with an extended visit.

After successfully completing these integration steps and once your dog is comfortable and happy in our care, you can proceed with booking a boarding stay. We want to make sure that your beloved pet is completely at ease and ready to enjoy their time with us.

See full T&Cs

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