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Tracie - Founder & Owner

Located right by Arandene fields in Mill Hill, Waggingtons is the only Home from Home dog care service you will ever need. With more than 25 years of caring for dogs through rescue centres and other charitable animal welfare organisations, Tracie set up Waggingtons in 2005, one of the very first licensed and insured premises to exist in London.


As a home-run business, Tracie’s passion for the welfare and wellbeing of her dogs has always been at the core of Waggingtons’ values and with a thorough vetting process, owners are ensured the best possible experience. Her unique insight into dog behaviour has earned Tracie a reputation as one of the most trusted dog carers in North London - Just read our reviews!

What We Offer

Part of the everyday routine includes two daily one-hour walks around our local woodlands - Arrandene Fields, along with supervised play and constant guidance inside the house and our large garden. Each dog that joins the Waggingtons’ clan instantly becomes part of the family. Just watch them running towards our front door on your next visit!


Under continual supervision, dogs of all ages and sizes are encouraged to socialise together, ensuring they become confident and well adjusted, learning from each other whilst receiving a bespoke and personal level of care from our qualified and passionate team. 

Come and see for yourselves by booking a visit.

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What Makes Us Different

Waggingtons is unique in its ability to offer a one-stop-shop of all your doggy needs, all within a cosy home environment that makes your dog feel incredibly at ease.


Waggingtons is fully licensed and insured and has been caring for London's beloved dogs for over 18 years. Our staff are all professional dog handlers and our broad range of services include daycare; overnight boarding; one-to-one consultations and professional dog grooming, all under one roof and unlike any other service around - pay us a visit and see for yourself! 


As we get to know your dog, we'll be able to highlight any issues and quickly work on correcting and guiding behaviour using only positive methods, practised by all staff. 

One-to-one consultation are conducted by the Owner and Founder - Tracie, who will help you gain the necessary skills and confidence needed for a wonderful, on-going relationship with your dog. Building trust is the key to achieving this outcome so let us show you how!

Come and see for yourselves by booking a visit.

Waggingtons' Mission

Waggingtons maintains its great reputation for the safety and well being of all dogs in its care by having a team member constantly watching and guiding their behaviour, making sure each one feels loved and safe. Dogs are never left alone, thereby ensuring a happy and safe environment for all. 


With daily walks in open spaces, plenty of play, rest and constant love and attention, your precious pooch will thrive under our care, whether its’ for doggy day care or overnight boarding. We offer you, the owner, complete peace of mind knowing that your dog is enjoying their holiday too.


Our Criteria

We happily take on puppies from 10 weeks old (after first vaccinations). All dogs, over the age of one, must be spayed or neutered with up-to-date vaccinations including kennel cough. Regular worming and flea treatments must also be given.


Waggingtons reserves the right to refuse any dog. We are unable to service certain breeds regardless of their individual loveliness.


We are a proud member of the ‘Association of Dog Boarders’.

For Your Visit

Please download and fill in the data form ready for your visit

Waggingtons Data Form


We offer a complimentary ‘meet and greet’ for all dogs ahead of your first booking. This allows for complete transparency and compatibility to make everyone feel at ease.

Visits take place six days a week between 11am and 12:30pm and usually last 20-30mins. 

Next, we’ll set up a trial session to see how your dog fits in without you there. For overnight boarding bookings, we recommend a trial night ahead of their first stay.

During high holidays and holy days, advanced bookings are recommended. We give priority to daycare clients.

Please download and fill in the data form ready for your visit

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