A Puppy Playing with a Toy

Puppy info

Puppies require special care and attention and we aim to enrich their experience with us using a programme of care which will incorporate the following elements:

Interaction with people of different ages, including other Waggingtons clients’ (including where possible, children of clients and according to owners instructions). Supervised handling of puppies is encouraged (with owners’ permission), to enhance stability around strangers. 

Introduce them to a variety of dogs of different sizes, ages and breeds. In a controlled and supervised environment, other dogs teach our puppies and young dogs canine etiquette, as well as assisting in toilet training and bite inhibition.  

We expose our puppies to various noises, objects and activities throughout the day, helping to habituate them, so that they become stable dogs moving forward.

Treats given in a supervised manner, teaches our pups to share and be patient, removing any unwanted behaviours that may arise, by constant positive training methods (only reward based) and guidance

Socialisation, exercise and play are encouraged and always guided, (according to owner’s instructions), helping the puppies to learn good skills within a group of other stable dogs. 

All puppies are given ample rest periods and opportunities under supervision to chew appropriate toys (according to owners’ instructions), helping to ease any teething issues and stimulate their minds, which enhance growth and well-being.

An exercise plan will be implemented according to owner’s instructions and revised according to the growth and needs of the puppy, moving forward.