T's & C's

T & C’s for daycare/boarding

By allowing or organising your dog to participate in the services we provide, and/or by signing our admission form; you accept, understand and agree the following terms and conditions, which may be updated at any time:

We feel it’s important for you to know that although we do everything we can to ensure the safety and happiness of your dog, there are some risks involved with our activities that you should be aware of- risks most of which are present in every- day life for your dog in situations they will be in even out of daycare.


T’s & C’s for Consultations.


  • Tracie Elimelech of Waggingtons Ltd is entrusted to use best judgement in the caring for and training where appropriate, of your dog and will exercise the utmost professional care in doing so.

  • Due to the unpredictability of dogs, The Client remains wholly responsible for the welfare and control of their dog or puppy during consultations, on or off lead and during interactions with other people or dogs.

  • Tracie Elimelech agrees to provide the highest quality of training in a positive and professional manner at all times and will keep the interests of your dog an utmost priority including in any advice or training recommendations given. The client will not hold Tracie Elimelech of Waggingtons Ltd  responsible for any wrongful or inappropriate information or advice they feel may have been given.

  • The Client confirms that their dog is fully vaccinated, microchipped, not in heat, wormed and flea treatment given and is in good physical health unless declared otherwise

  • The Client confirms that the dog has not previously bitten or behaved aggressively towards people or other dogs, unless such behaviour has been previously disclosed in full Prior to and during any sessions.

  • Tracie Elimelech of Waggingtons reserves the right to terminate training at any time before or during its term of engagement if she determines a danger posed to the health and safety of herself or others, at her discretion.

  • The Client agrees to records being held by Tracie Elimelech of Waggingtons appertaining to their dog and at no time will these records be shared by a third party unless at the recommendation of the client in the purposes of veterinary advice/support.

  • Implementing any behavioural treatment or training strategies is the responsibility of the Client, with the acceptance that there is no guarantee or cures/quick fixes or magic and with the understanding that behaviour modification takes time, patience, consistency and commitment.

  • The Client agrees that despite the best efforts of Tracie Elimelech of Waggingtons Ltd any recommendations or services supplied, are not a guarantee of satisfaction with that product or service.